The book is inspired by true events; Bella, the Cavan Cat was a farm cat who dearly loved the old lady who fed her daily. But she faced a dilemma when her dearest friend left – where would she go? After meeting the Meadow Cat who hankered after a life in the wild Bella had to make a major decision. She left the only farm she had ever known and her adventure begins.

She leaves the farm, and makes an incredible journey, filled with hopelessness and despair, only to find that she is worthy of love and a forever home. She begins to realise she was never truly alone on that journey. The ginger tom begins to miss his hunting companion, and dreams of being back in that warm barn that he shared with her. On his way through a farm, he then meets an extraordinary little bird that reveals himself as the ginger tom’s guardian angel, the little bird guides him through a journey, and leads him to Bella, and a forever home.

A note from the Author

Hello everyone, I would like to start by saying a few words about this little book and the reason why I wrote it.

The story started in Sligo, a beautiful rugged and mountainous County on the West Coast of Ireland which is right beside the wonderful Atlantic Ocean.

The book contains two heart-warming and endearing stories which were written at a time when a wonderful little ginger tom kitten turned up on my family’s home one night. We later found out that this little kitten had made a perilous journey on the engine of a van from County Cavan to Sligo, which is roughly seventy miles! We took him in and he made himself very much at home.

Unfortunately, his little life was cut short six months later. We were all so sad…

In honour of ‘Louie’ I wrote this story and gave him the ‘Happy Ever After’ he so deserved.

Today you will be able to purchase this lovely book, which contains not one, but two beautiful stories, which are full of wonderful illustrations. The illustrator, Tegan, has truly captured the innocence and naivety of these stories, which really brought it all to life.

A note from the Illustrator - Tegan Sharrard

Painting and drawing have always been passions of mine; I have often really enjoyed painting small creatures. Having my own dear black and white cat; “Miss Pip” I find that they really help to make a home welcoming; our cat is such great company and brings a lot of joy to everyone in the family. To get the chance to illustrate a charming and magical love story about two cats was the perfect assignment. This is the first published storybook I have illustrated, and having ‘Miss Pip” around really helped!

I have used some exquisite Russian watercolour paints, which I think produce a most beautiful and vibrant colour that I love. Then using an ink pen to finish I add the final details to my illustration.

I love the naivety and spirituality of these stories as they allow me to use my imagination in which anything is possible!