The Inspiration For My Work

I have enjoyed both black and white landscape photography and painting, the latter of which is what I enjoy doing most now!

Growing up by the seaside meant enjoying nearly every day of the summer holidays down on the beach - weather it be at Seaford beach, enjoying the sand at Tidemills, walking over Seaford Head down to Hope Gap or catching the bus to East Dean and climbing down the steps to the beach at Birling Gap.

My brother and I would play in the rock pools collecting shrimps and crabs and go exploring, sharing a picnic under the cliffs or in some cosy sheltered spot that we found! Then there was fossil hunting and discovering caves, collecting starfish and all sorts of shells too, which this coastline was very rich in when I was a young girl.

This area now holds a lot of magical interest and deep affection for me. Whenever I take a walk over the cliffs or visit many of the beaches along this stretch of coastline with my family, I have very fond memories, which have inspired much of my work.